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A year in the making. Beautifully designed. Packed with awesome features. WatchMyTrain is the first train times app built exclusively for Apple Watch®, available to download for free on the App Store®.

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Know before you go.

Our pièce de résistance, WatchMyTrain can even tell you what your train will look like before it arrives!

Using open data feeds combined with our proprietary technology we're able to predict what kind of train will be arriving at your platform and provide a helpful graphic showing you what it will look like, helping you work out where the doors will be, decide where to stand on the platform, or even whether to wait for the next train.2



Free Wifi is available onboard.

First Class

First Class accomodation is provided on this train.

Dividing Train

This train divides en-route.


This is an overnight train with sleeper berths.


This service is advertised as being formed of this many carriages.


Warning you of problems with a service.

Bike Reservations

You must reserve a space to take a bike onboard.

At Seat Power

Power sockets are available at your seat.


A buffet car serving drinks & refresments is available on this train.


This train serves an international airport on it's journey.


A restaurant serving freshly cooked food.


We believe rail travel should be accessible to everyone. WatchMyTrain is built with the latest technology and, thanks to the great accessibility features built in to WatchOS is incredibly easy to use.

Like the rest of WatchMyTrain we will continue to evolve and develop the accessibility features on offer, to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience when travelling by train.


We've built powerful VoiceOver capability into WatchMyTrain. When you tap on a train a customised message will play the full details of the train just as a station announcment would.

Eighteen fifty four Transport for Wales service to Manchester Piccadilly. Departing from platform two. This service is currently on time.

Dynamic Type

WatchMyTrain supports Dynamic Type and will automatically adjust text sizes and weight whenever you change the accessibilty settings on your watch.3

Bold text displayed on a WatchMyTrain departure board.


We're launching WatchMyTrain with powerful support for Apple Watch Complications, bringing timetables to your watch face.

Whenever you search for a specific journey we'll download details of upcoming departures and show them to you on your chosen Apple Watch face, with planned platform information and a countdown.4

Checking the timetable for your train home just got a whole lot easier.


Streamlined from start to finish and built with SwiftUI - Apple's new language for user interface development - WatchMyTrain really gets the most out of your Apple Watch.

Adding a search is as easy as dictating, scribbling, or typing on your paired iPhone, and thanks to the built in database of stations, results are super speedy.

Once you've saved your search it's as easy as a tap, WatchMyTrain will load responses via Wifi or your cellular connection. Whats more, whenever you open the app searches will be refreshed automatically, making sure you're always seeing the latest info.5

We've got plenty more exciting features planned for WatchMyTrain, so keep an eye on Twitter for sneak peeks!


  • Can you show my nearest station?

    Not yet, but we're working on it.

  • Do you make an iPhone app?

    No, unlike other apps WatchMyTrain is built just for Apple Watch.

  • I can't see any Info+ features

    Info+ is not universally available due to various restrictions in the data and information provided by operators.

  • Do you support any other wearables?

    No, at present we only support Apple Watch.

  • How do I get WatchMyTrain?

    To install WatchMyTrain you will need to update your Apple Watch to watchOS 6 and visit the App Store on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

    watchOS 6 is compatible with:

    • Apple Watch Series 1

    • Apple Watch Series 2

    • Apple Watch Series 3

    • Apple Watch Series 4

    • Apple Watch Series 5

  • Is WatchMyTrain available outside the UK?

    Not yet, but we're excited at the prospect of launching in other countries.

  • Why are refreshes limited?

    We have limited updating the app to every 60 seconds, so that there is actually some new information when you refresh it!

  • How can I give feedback?

    We would love to hear any thoughts you have about WatchMyTrain. You can leave us reviews on the App Store, or just Tweet us!

  • Who owns WatchMyTrain?

    WatchMyTrain has been developed by Rail Times App Limited. A Limited company based in England and Wales.

  • I work for a Train Operating Company, can we license WatchMyTrain?

    Yes absolutely! Check out our summary below, and if you'd like to get in touch just drop us a tweet.

A white label

Your Train Here

A great way to deliver on the expectations of your passengers and demonstrate your commitment to innovation, WatchMyTrain can be white-labled to represent your Train Operating Company.

Built on a powerful and extentable framework, WatchMyTrain is designed to work with any kind of rail data. Using open or private API's we can translate your organisations rail data into the same great user experience. Our proprietary Info+ technology can be fully tailored to your specific needs and data sources, delivering your customers the most personal information, right on their wrist.


WatchMyTrain takes your privacy very seriously, so seriously in fact we don't want to know anything about you. When you search for a station a request is made directly to National Rail Enquiries and the result is sent back to you, we never see the searches you make or the responses.

Our upcoming nearest station feature uses your location to detect your nearest station if you give WatchMyTrain permission to do so. Your precise coordinates never leave your Apple Watch and they aren't saved, stored or analysed by us. Your location is compared to a list of stations saved on your Apple Watch, which then shows your nearest station in the app.


WatchMyTrain sources service information from National Rail Enquiries, we do not manipulate this data in any way and are not responsible for its accuracy.

Predictions of train facilities are made based on our proprietary algorithms and will occasionally be inaccurate2.